Self-Acting Fire Extinguishing
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“EPOTOS” Group was established by professionals in fire protection in 1991. Currently the Group includes 10 enterprises in Russia and other countries for manufacture, R & D and sales of self-acting and automatic fire extinguishing systems. The main scope of “EPOTOS” interests and activity is powder and aerosol fire extinguishing. The unique feature of “EPOTOS” companies is a powerful intellectual and production basis that provides development and manufacture of every material and component for aerosol generators and impulse dry powder modules inside the Group. “EPOTOS” Group manufacture aerosol forming compounds, coolants, electrical activators and have its own testing facilities including test rooms of a number of volumes. Experts of the Group make design of complicated fire fighting systems for various objects as stationary as mobile and provide supervision of the installed systems.

Thanks to the unique intellectual and production possibilities the experts and designers of the Group developed two formulations of gas generating compositions, four main types of aerosol forming compounds, three main families of aerosol generators (axial, radial and reverse) and about ten basic types of dry powder fire extinguishing modules. Our latest new development is a module of fine-air mist. In addition to fire fighting means “EPOTOS” companies design and manufacture various types of automatic fire extinguishing systems on the basis of impulse dry powder modules and aerosol generators. EPOTOS automatic fire detection and extinguishing systems are widely used for fire protection of metro and railway vehicles, sea and river vessels, busses, trams and other means of transportation, to say nothing of various stationary objects.

The experts of “EPOTOS” Group helped to introduce the technologies of impulse dry powder and aerosol fire extinguishing in China and Korea.

We in EPOTOS Group are in permanent process of improvement of the developed products and the development of new technologies of fire fighting.